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About Us

Alberta Fun Money Casino Ltd. has been in business since 1993, and our owner Gary Townsend has been in the business for 20 years. We provide equipment and even dealers, when requested, for all varieties of private parties, fund raisers and company functions.


These functions always prove to be very enjoyable, and we give a different slant to the usual affair by providing something else to do other than simply drinking and dancing.

Each one of our dealers is personally trained by us to be something of an entertainer – after all, we are a Fun Money Casino! Our equipment is top-notch, and we will deliver, set up, tear down and pick up, all at agreed-upon times. Or you can pick up at our storage centre. We will provide Alberta Fun Money Casinos “fun money,” if needed, or you can provide your own.

We can also give everyone an opportunity to use their “winnings” toward either an auction or some form of a raffle (supplied by the host).

Learn more about the types of games of chance we offer, and contact us to reserve your games today.

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We have all sorts of fun games for your event

We have all sorts of fun games for your event

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